Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Lot of News to Share

There are a lot of exciting new things going on at Stevenson Custom Bicycles.  For many years this has been a hobby business for Bill, with myself occasionally helping out when I could make time.  We consciously avoided any promotion because we didn’t want the stress created by a large backlog of orders, for a project on the side.  Bill’s rule was that he wouldn’t take an order until the previous one was very close to finished.

This has all changed very recently.  I have made a firm one-year commitment to the frame business and will be devoting my energy full time to making it a success.  Both of us feel like Stevenson Custom Bicycles has a lot of untapped potential.  We are excited to realize that potential.  We’ve devoted a huge portion of our lives to this business and we’d like to see it be the become what it was meant to be.

We’ve already taken a number of steps in that direction.  You are looking at this blog on our new web site.  We have set up several new accounts and are now able to offer complete bikes in addition to frames.  Perhaps most importantly, we have cleared out our backlog.  If you order a new frame today we are confident we can deliver it within 90 days.  Compare that to other builders with a backlogs out over five years and you’ll agree now is a great time to order a frame.

We’re excited to talk to you about your new Stevenson.  Shoot us a line and let’s get the ball rolling.

-Shawn Stevenson