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What’s New!

Many of you may have heard that changes are afoot at Stevenson Custom Bicycles.  Foremost, Bill Stevenson is no longer working part time at The Bike Stand and will be devoting all of his efforts to Stevenson.  Both of us are eager to grow our bike business and remain an integral part of the Olympia area cycling community.  With this in mind, we have made some changes to the services we offer that we are pleased to make you all aware of:

Frame Building- Building custom frames continues to be the core of our business.  We strongly believe that we build as nice a lugged or fillet brazed steel frame as any other builders in the world.  With both of us able to work fulltime, our delivery time is under three months from the time we take the deposit on the frame.  Some examples of our more recent work are available at-

Complete Bicycles- In addition to building frames we also offer complete bikes.  We can turn your frame into a full bike, whether you fancy Campagnolo, Shimano, or SRAM.  Parts and accessories from most manufacturers are available.  We are also exploring the possibility of offering a line of less expensive bicycles from another manufacturer, so if your budget doesn’t support a custom Stevenson, we may have other options for you in the future.

Sizings- We continue to offer a precision bike fitting service.  We can fit you for a new bike or optimize the fit on your existing bike for better comfort and efficiency.

Restoration- There are many fine vintage bicycles sitting in people’s garages.  These bikes can be restored to showpieces that are a joy to ride much like a great classic car.  This has become an increasing part of our business and we are pleased to be doing more restoration work.

Modification- Got a great steel road bike you want to be able to run bigger tires on? Want rack mounts or fittings for another water bottle?  Want to switch to a braking system that uses different mounting from what your bike came with?  We can perform these and many other frame modifications.

Refinishing- We are happy to partner with Forever Powder Coating to assist you getting your frame refinished.  In addition to doing great powder coating, the guys at Forever are masters at pin striping, box striping, and many other detailing options.

Upgrades and Modernization- Is that great bike you love to ride still running eight-speed with down tube shifters even though you’d really prefer new ergo or STI?  We can help you upgrade your bike to a modern 10 or 11-speed setup.  Other upgrades like lighter wheels, better brakes, tires, fenders, lighting, cargo carrying equipment, and more are also possible.

Wheelbuilding- Bill is one of the best wheelbuilders around. A wheel set with better quality hubs, lighter rims, and tied-and-soldered spoke connections can save weight AND increase durability.  We take pride in our custom wheels and hope to make this a much larger part of our business.

Service- One of the biggest changes we are making is to offer comprehensive repair service.  Bill is the most experienced bike mechanic in town.  We want to put his skills at your service, whether you need a derailleur adjustment or a complete overhaul.  The sweetener? We will pick your bike up at your home and deliver it back when the work is completed—free of charge on repair jobs over $50.00!

If any of these services are of interest to you, we can be reached by email at or by phone at (360)402-2234.  Drop-ins are also welcome.  Just give us a call first to make sure one of us will be at the shop.

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Changes at Stevenson

Some of you may already have heard that Bill Stevenson was laid off from The Bike Stand last Friday. This was a sad event for us. Bill was the first employee of shop in 1971. He spent thirty years of his life working there. That said, it came as little surprise, given that the shop has been struggling and the parent business has shrunken over the past few years from 55 employees to six today.

Leaving the shop is a blow after such a long association, but it also marks an opportunity. Over the last year we have been working to grow our own business, Stevenson Custom Bicycles. Our focus is and will remain building custom bikes and doing frame repairs and restorations. However, there are many other areas where we would like to and are able to do business, but have chosen not to in order to avoid a conflict of interest with Bill’s work at The Bike Stand.

Starting today we are expanding our operation to include bicycle repairs, wheelbuilding, and parts and accessories sales. We have accounts with all of the major suppliers and can quickly and efficiently order whatever you might need to meet you cycling needs. We will also be offering a pickup and delivery service for repairs.

If you would like to place an order, schedule a repair, or have any questions we can be reached by phone at (360) 402-2234 or by email at

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