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Stevenson Custom Bicycle Proprietors, Bill and Shawn Stevenson

Most of you probably think of us as custom frame builders. That will always be an element at the heart of our business, but it’s not the essence of what we do. The essence of what we do is strive to help you optimize your cycling experience. We want you to ride further, farther, faster- easier. We want you to have more fun doing it. We want your bikes to be the best tools possible for the kind of riding you do on them. We want to take into account your needs and circumstances, listen to what you want in your cycling experience, and help you achieve it in the best way possible. In short, we want to take a holistic approach to helping you attain your cycling dreams. Between the two of us we have over seventy-years of experience in the world of cycling we would love to put to work to help you do just that.

This means we have a lot to offer you even if you never even give a thought to purchasing a custom frame from us.

Here’s a sampling of some of the other things we may be able to do for you-

Comfortable and Efficient Bike Fit

We will use precision tools to confirm critical measurements.


We believe than anyone who is going to spend time on a bike should start out with a proper bike fitting. Over the past two decades we’ve developed a precision bike fitting system. We aim to use this system to do two things. We want you to be as comfortable as possible on the bike and we want you to be as efficient as possible. Our approach isn’t to try to fit everyone into a predefined box. We take the time to listen to what you want and need. Then we develop a fitting that meets those goals. Whether you are a weekday commuter, a tourist, a club rider, a racer, or an ultra-distance endurance rider; you will be the better for taking the time to get a good bike fit.

The basic fitting is $50.00. Contact us at or (360) 402-2234 to schedule a fitting now.

Repair and Service

We have a fully stocked repair shop with many specialized tools.
We have a fully stocked repair shop with many specialized tools.

We run a full service bicycle repair shop. We can offer a few things you won’t be able to get at other shops in the area- an unparalleled level of experience and expertise, many specialized tools you won’t see at other local shops, and free pickup and delivery.

Parts and Accessories

Groups Available From Campagnolo, Shimano, and SRAM

We have set up accounts with many of the major parts distributors. This allows us to order parts as needed for repairs and bike builds. It also means if you need lighting, a derailleur, new fenders, or just about anything else for you bike, we can probably help you out quickly and at a good price. Combine this with our pickup and delivery service and you can have all the convenience of online purchasing, except the part is going to come to your doorstep already installed on the bike.

Restoration, Frame Repair, Refinishing, and Upgrades

Head Badge Detail, Alan Woods Ephgrave Restoration (Photo courtesy of Alan Woods)
Head Badge Detail, Alan Woods Ephgrave Restoration (Photo courtesy of Alan Woods)

Many of us have great old bikes that have seen better days. They may be classics or they may be trusty workhorses that have always done what we needed them to. You don’t need to run out and buy a new bike just because your old friend is getting worn around the edges. Your old bike can be a new bike once again- with a little ‘body and fender work,’ a fresh powder coat, and some new componentry. We are uniquely set up to do this. Even if your old steel frame is literally in two pieces, we can restore it to all of its former glory.

It’s not necessary to go the full restoration route either. Some strategically selected new (or vintage) componentry can often create a whole new riding experience. We are happy to point you at a few upgrades that will make a big difference or start with your frame and build you a whole new bike from the ground up.

Wheel Building

Photo courtesy of Doug Rosenfield
Photo courtesy of Doug Rosenfield

We are firm believers that one of the best places to upgrade your bike is with a quality hand built wheelset. Hand built wheels have better ride quality, better durability, can be as light or lighter than factory built wheels, and tend to be a better value. Bill has been building wheels for over forty years. He has built hundreds of wheels and is a true master wheel builder. Tied-and-soldered wheels are a particular specialty.

Frames and Complete Bikes From Gunnar

Gunnar Road Frame

We understand that the cost of a custom Stevenson lugged or fillet brazed frame is simply beyond many of our customer’s means.  With this in mind we have become dealers for Gunnar/Waterford.  This allows us to offer you complete bicycles for under $3000- about the cost of our basic lugged frame and fork.  Gunnar frames are manufactured in the United States by the Schwinn family to the highest production standards.  We are honored to be able to make these fine frames available to you at a reasonable price, starting around $1100 for frame and fork.

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  1. Hello,
    It’s great to see you getting back to building and to see the skills passed along to the next generation. Stevenson has always been, in my mind, one of those mystic names along the lines of Rodriguez, Erickson, Davidson and Bushnell but a bit more of a lost soul. In Seattle, obviously, we still have R&E so their ledgend is safe but, Stevenson sort of went dark for a while. Glad to see you’re back!

    About me:
    I started working in a bike shop in Puyallup in the late 70’s as a shop rat to earn money to buy BMX gear. Worked in shops for 15 years through college. Then jumped into corporate America. Now, 35 years later, I find myself building frames as a hobby builder. At this point, with only 4 frames completed, I’m still building only for my family and I don’t know if I will ever build for anyone else but I am very interested in the craft and the process. I have raced with Glenn Erickson’s son Galen, had many conversations with Bill Davidson (he was rather critical of my heat control early on!) and have always wondered about Stevenson bikes. I’m very happy to see that you are re-investing in the business.

    I currently live in Seattle and would love the chance to stop in some time and see what you have going on and discuss the craft.

    All the best!
    Duane Draper
    Draper Cycles
    Bespoke cycles for the Draper Family since 2013

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