Design and Fabrication

We believe in handbuilt, made to fit, bicycles created with the highest level of craftsmanship.  Our goal is to provide you with the most appropriate tool for the type of riding you do, married with an artistic aesthetic that doesn’t compromise performance in any way.  We don’t believe in innovation for innovations sake.  In fact many of our most firmly held design philosophies run against those that are being espoused by mainstream mass-producers who try to fit every rider into the same easy to build box.

What we do believe in is cutting edge materials and components that will deliver the best combination of comfort and performance for the type of riding you are doing.  If box section rims and tied-and-soldered spokes will give you a wheelset that is as light as most any (much more expensive) production carbon equivalent, but with better comfort and reliability we will encourage you to pursue that option.  If the newest, most exotic, steel alloy tubeset will shave some weight without compromising any of the other key elements you need in the bike we will definitely use that.  We call this philosophy of mating the best new and old technology with a classic aesthetic nuovo retro.

When you approach us about building a bike we will start by listening.  We want to know what you hope the bicycle will do for you .  If you want cutting edge performance we will be guided by that.  If you are more interested in comfort over long distances then that becomes a key design element.  Need to ride the bike in all seasons?  We’ll build a frame that seamlessly incorporates clean and easy fender mounting.  For most riders we encourage a combination of these things in a classic all around cycle sportive style design.

The bike is for you- the customer.  For many of you, it may be a once in a lifetime bike designed to meet your needs for decades.  We’ll work diligently to help you create the bike of your dreams.

We’ll always provide honest advice with your best interests in mind. Sometimes customers have an idea they don’t realize will compromise the goals they have for the bike.  When this happens we will explain suitable alternatives.  If you are visualizing your bike as a summer only race machine, we’ll inform you that provisions for fenders and a little clearance for a bigger tire are an option without effecting performance, so you can use your bike as a winter training machine in the future. Ultimately, we’ll build you the bike that accomplishes the goals you have in mind.

Once we have a concept for your bike, we will develop a full size drawing for your approval.  We will select the best combination of steel tubing for your frame, whether it is Reynolds, True Temper, Columbus, Dedacciai, or something else.  Want an all Reynolds 953 frame?  We can do that too.

Frames are fillet brazed or built with lugs based on choices you make in combination with our suggestions during the design process.  We build on a Henry James frame fixture and check alignment at each step on a granite Starrett surface plate.  Edges, lugs, and fillets are finished to the highest standards.  It may take an extra hour to fine tune some detail that only another experienced framebuilder would notice, but we’ll do it because that’s the standard we hold ourselves too.

Frames are sent out for powder coat, wet paint, or chrome as needed based on your selections.  Pin striped lugs, box lining, panels, polished stainless lugs, and many other finishes are all possible.  We have our own distinctive look, but we are happy to work with your preferences.

We prefer to build complete bikes.  We can offer components from most manufacturers and provide high-quality assembly, both at very competitive prices.  Bill is a master wheel builder.  By specifying components ahead of time we can optimize the design for your choices and streamline their integration into the finished bike.  That said, if you want to build the frame with the trusty Nuovo Record set you’ve had since the seventies that’s fine too.

Get in touch with us and we can start talking about the bike of your dreams!

Mail: 3800 B Lorne St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 | Phone: (360) 402-2234 | Email:


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