First Steps

Contact us by phone: 360-402-2234  or email: stevensoncustombikes@gmail.com and describe what kind of bike you want us to build.  We will work with you to develop an understanding of what you have in mind and what best fits your needs.


We strongly recommend that your next step in the ordering process is a precision bike fitting.  We do hundreds of sizings every year.  We use a Serotta size cycle and our own proprietary process.  If it is convenient for you to come to Olympia, WA we are happy to provide this service free of charge to frame customers.  If not, there are good fitters in most areas now.  If you can’t find a qualified fitter, it is possible for us to facilitate a simplified do-it-yourself version of this step, but it’s a poor substitute for a sizing session with a professional.


At the time of the sizing we will ask you for more details about what you want the bike to do and advise you how to best achieve that.  We’ll discuss various choices such as lugs or fillets and braze ons.  We can also talk about component choices and provide estimates if you are ordering a complete bike.  Once you have made these decisions we will integrate them with your sizing and develop a full-size drawing for your approval.

Finalizing the Order and Payment

When you sign off on the drawing a 50% deposit on the frame is due.  When we receive the deposit you have reserved a place in the production queue.  We will order all materials.  Current lead time from deposit to delivery of the frame or bike is around 90 days or less.

We can work with you to develop color scheme and graphics.  We may put you directly in communication with the finisher for complex designs.

Full payment for parts, accessories, and other third party services, for complete bike builds are due when we order them.  We suggest doing this about the time the bike goes out for paint or powder coat.  The remaining balance on the bike is due on delivery or at the time of shipment.

We accept cash, check, certified funds, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Paypal.  Talk to us if you are interested in outside financing options.

Pick Up or Shipment

We can schedule pick up in person by phone or email.  If this isn’t convenient we can provide an estimate of shipping costs by various carriers.  We will provide the exact shipping amount and get your approval prior to finalization of shipping arrangements.

If you have any further questions please contact us:

Mail: 3800 B Lorne St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 | Phone: (360) 402-2234 | Email: stevensoncustombikes@gmail.com




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