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Bill Stevenson

Bill Stevenson took up cycling seriously at the age of 20 in the late sixties.  He quickly developed a lifelong passion for the sport and started working as a bike shop mechanic.  In 1971 he took his his love of cycling to the next level by taking a frame building class from Albert Eisentraut.  He went on to apprentice building Eisentraut Limited frames.  Bill then built under his own name until 1985.

At that time he joined the corporate bicycle world.  This started with a job running the signature department at Ross Bicycles, where he followed other great builders such as Tom Kellog and Jim Redcay.  He went on to work as a product manager and designer- first at Ross, then Fisher, and Alpinestars USA.  During this time he designed bikes ridden to win national and world championships by riders such as Sarah Ballantyne and Mike Kloser (the last downhill world championship won on a non-suspended bike).

In 1993 Bill tired of the corporate grind and returned to Olympia, WA.  Since then he has built frames on the side and managed a full service pro shop, The Bike Stand.  For many years frame building was more of a hobby business for Bill.  In late 2014 he and his son Shawn decided to focus full time on frame building.

Laura Stevenson

Laura is Bill’s daughter and “Administrative Assistant”. Now in her 30’s she has worked on, and off, for Bill’s custom business since she was 15, including doing finish work on lugs and fillet brazed joins at one point. She claims that the knowledge she has of bicycles, which is significant, she gained by osmosis. Being around bicycles and bicycling her whole life was bound to leave a mark.

She took her first bike ride at three weeks old, would have been earlier, but her mother insisted on waiting until she could also go along. She was in a trailer at the end of a triple seated bicycle on a trip from Olympia to California when she was 9 months old. Rode on the back of a tandem with Bill, or occasionally her brother, since shortly after she could walk. Though she didn’t learn to ride on her own till she was 12, and rarely rides on her own these days.

If you are contacted by email, or get an official estimate/invoice, you’ve likely dealt with Laura. If you require parts or accessories ordered, or require decals, she’s likely the one that sourced and purchased them. Basically, she does whatever she can to make it so Bill can focus on what he does best, manufacturing and repairing bicycles.

Mail: 3800 B Lorne St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 | Phone: (360) 402-2234 | Email: stevensoncustombikes@gmail.com


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