Restoration and Frame Repair

There are many bikes that deserve being brought back to their finest condition as much as any great classic car.  Whether it is a 1968 Cinelli Supercorsa, a Masi Gran Criterium, a classic Herse, Singer, or some lesser known treasure- we would be delighted to help you restore your frame to its prime.  We have a great deal of experience doing museum quality restorations as well as refinishes aimed more at turning a nice old frame into a classy everyday rider.  We can even help you find vintage parts too!

We are also masters at repairing crashed or otherwise damaged steel frames regardless of their pedigree.  If you need help with an insurance estimate we are happy to be of assistance.

Ephgrave Fork Repair

Ephgrave Fork Repair

Here is some pricing for typical repairs.  All prices are without paint or powder coating.

Frame Repairs

Replace Chain Stay (Each) $150.00

Repair Dent $40.00

Replace Dropouts (Pair) $150.00

Replace Fork Blade (Each) $150.00

Replace Fork Steerer $125.00

Replace Seat Stay (Each) $150.00

Replace Seat Tube $400.00

Replace Top, Down, or Head Tube $200.00

Head Tube Detail, Alan Woods Ephgrave Restoration (Photo courtesy of Alan Woods)

Head Tube Detail, Alan Woods Ephgrave Restoration (Photo courtesy of Alan Woods)



Braze Ons

Cantilever Bosses (Pair) $80.00

Cantilever or Center Pull Cable Hanger $40.00

Center Pull Brake Bosses $125.00

Chain Hanger $20.00

Chain Stay Cable Stop $25.00

Braze-On For Rubber Chain Stay Protector $100.00

Disc Brake Mounts $125.00 + cost of tab (variable)

Fender Eyelets (Pair) $40.00

Internal Cable Routing for Generator Wire $150.00

Pump Peg $20.00

Schmidt SON SL Connectorless Fork Option $400.00

Shifter Bosses (Pair) $50.00

Spoke Holder $100.00

Top Tube Cable Stop (Pair) $40.00

Water Bottle Boss (Pair) $40.00


Head Badge Detail, Alan Woods Ephgrave Restoration (Photo courtesy of Alan Woods)

Head Badge Detail, Alan Woods Ephgrave Restoration (Photo courtesy of Alan Woods)

4 thoughts on “Restoration and Frame Repair

  1. Dave Chipchase

    Bill – You helped me with the frame I built at UBI. It turns out my rear back is about 5 mm too low and I’d love to make the adjustment. Any chance I can come to the shop and do that – I’ll pay for your service but I’d like the satisfaction of doing the work so I can honestly say I built the entire bike. I will certainly respect your time and pay for your shop use and instruction.


  2. Tom Grady

    Inquiring about frame restoration on 1978 Colnago 64 cm. Very small dent on top tube & dent on seat tube from front derailluer clamp. Overall frame is rough w/scratches that rusted, but visually appears to be straight. Not intending 100% restoration so powdercoating (w/o forks) velocals decals (or?) is ok. The bike is to be a rider & as a member of the OFFBC (Old Fat Fellas Bicycle Club) high in the CO Rockies this bike will have serious “Alpine” gearing! If you could give me an “approximate” cost & turn around time it would be appreciated, although turn around time is not important. Thank You

  3. Kevin low

    Hi there, I have a fork that needs some work – it’s crown race seat has corroded to the point where the seat itself is missing a quarter of its circumference and is detached as a three quarter ring, freely rotating, and can be plucked off the steering column. I can send some pics so you get the idea – might you be able to say what needs to be done and how much it will cost? I do want to keep the fork blades with their patina, and also maintain the crown and steerer column if possible : ) – thanks much ; ). – kevin


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