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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering full service bicycle repairs.  We have one of the most complete shops in town with many specialized tools you won’t see at most bike shops and decades of experience. Even better, if you live in the Olympia area we will pick up your bike at your home, repair it, and deliver it back to you at no charge for any repair over $50.00.

To schedule a repair pickup call (360) 402-2234 or email

Prices do not include replacement parts.

We have a fully stocked repair shop with many specialized tools.
We have a fully stocked repair shop with many specialized tools.

Basic Service Rates:

Tires and Wheels

Install New Tube $15.00

Install New Tire $15.00

True Wheel $30.00-$60.00

Install New Spoke (Includes Wheel True) $30.00-$60.00

Adjust Front Hub $20.00

Adjust Rear Hub $25.00

Overhaul Front Hub $40.00

Overhaul Rear Hub $55.00

Build Wheel $80.00



Adjust Side Pull Brake $16.00

Adjust Cantilever or Center Pull Brake $16.00

Adjust Mechanical Disc Brake $16.00


Drive Train

Adjust Loose Ball Bottom Bracket $40.00

Overhaul Loose Ball Bottom Bracket $70.00

Install New Cartridge Bottom Bracket $38.00

Remove, Lubricate, and Reinstall Cartridge BB $40.00

Install New Chain (May Require New Cassette or Chainrings) $20.00

Adjust Front or Rear Derailleur (Non-Index) $20.00

Adjust Front or Rear Derailleur (Indexed) $15.00-$80.00

Align Derailleur Hanger and Adjust Derailleur $30.00-$100.00

Overhaul Campagnolo Ergo Shifter $75.00

Helicoil Derailleur Hanger $90.00

Helicoil Pedal $70.00


Bars and Stems

Adjust Headset $18.00

Overhaul Loose Ball Headset $49.50

Overhaul Cartridge Bearing Headset $20.00

Install Headset $60.00

Install Fork $50.00

Replace Quill Stem and Retape Bars $55.00

Install Removable Cap Style Stem $15.00

Lengthen Cable with Stem Swap $25.00

Wrap Drop Bars $25.00

Install Flat Bar $60;00

Install Drop Bar (Include Bar Taping) $85.00

Install Runkle Lever $35.00


Boxing and Assembly

Box Bike (Includes Materials) $100.00 (Single) $175.00 (Tandem)

Assemble Bike from Box $50.00

Assemble New Bike $150.00

Pack S&S Bike $100.00

Remove and Reinstall Everything for Refinish or Similar $225.00


Accessory Installation

Front Rack on Bike with Correct Braze-Ons $25.00-$50.00

Rear Rack on Bike with Correct Braze-Ons $25.00-$40.00

Computer $35.00

Wired Cadence Computer $55.00

Full Fenders $40.00

Full Fenders with Poor Clearances $50.00-$150.00

Race Blades $15.00

Metal Fenders $75.00



Align Fork $75.00

Align Frame $150.00

Align or Respace Rear Triangle $80.00


Mail: 3800 B Lorne St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 | Phone: (360) 402-2234 | Email:


  1. Hello,
    I have a 1901 Pope/Columbia frame that has crash damage and needs blast and paint. One of the seat stay tubes is badly dented and a dent in the front bottom tube. There is also a machined fitting that the rear axle goes throuh that is broken. I can send some photos next week when I get home. Is this something you feel comfortable taking on?
    Evan Gorton

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