Frame Pricing

Below you will find a representative example of our options with pricing.  Many other things are possible.  If you don’t see what you are looking for contact us and we’ll be happy to provide an estimate.

Frame and Fork Pricing

Lugged Steel Cycle Sportive Frame and Fork $3000.00

Lugged Frame Only $2600.00

Lugged Stainless Steel Cycle Sportive Frame and Fork $3800.00

Lugged Fork Only $500.00

Lugged Fork with Stainless Steel Fork Crown Only $625.00

Fillet Brazed Frame Only $2000

Fillet Brazed Tandem Frame and Fork $4500.00

Signature Lugged Tandem Frame $6000.00


Lug Carving or Cutouts $35.00+ per Lug

Bi-Laminate Head Tube +$75.00

Custom Curved Seat Stay $50.00

S&S Couplers $475.00 + Cost of Couples

Cantilever Bosses $40.00 per Pair

Braze on Bosses for Center-pull Brakes $125.00 per Pair

Disc Brake Mounts $125.00 + cost of tab (variable)

Schmidt SON SL Connectorless Fork Option $400.00

Internal Brake Cable Routing Included

Traditional Brake Cable Routing -$75.00

Chain Hanger $10.00

Rack/Fender Bosses $20.00 per Pair

Pump Peg $10.00

Down Tube Shifter Bosses $40.00

Internal Cable Routing for Generator Wire $150.00

Spoke Holder $100.00

Braze-On For Rubber Chain Stay Protector $100.00


Polished Stainless Steel Outer Drop Out Faces $150.00

Polish Stainless Head Tube Lugs $400.00

Polish Stainless Seat Tube Lug $200.00

Polish Stainless Steel Fork Crown $250.00

Polish Stainless Steel Chain Stay $300.00

Polish Stainless Steel Seat Stay $300.00


Single Color  Included

Panels Ask

Two Color Ask

Lug Striping  Ask

Box Striping Ask

Any Other Finish Options Ask

Custom Stems

Custom Threadless Stem (Powder Coated)- Single Color) $325.00

Custom Threadless Stem w/ Polished Lugs $425.00

Custom Quill Stem $275.00

Custom Quill Stem (Chrome) $325.00

Custom Constucteur Quill Stem w/Top Cap (Chrome) $475.00

Custom Racks


Rear Touring Rack  $375.00

Rear Touring Rack For Low-rider Panniers  $450.00

Front Low-rider Touring Rack  $350.00

Porteur Rack  $375.00

Rear Constructeur Rack  $275.00

Handlebar Bag Rack $275.00

Stem Mounted Decalleur  $125.00

Seat Post Mounted Bag Support  $275.00

Powder Coated:

Rear Touring Rack $275.00

Rear Constructeur Rack $175.00

Handlebar Bag Support $175.00


Chris King Headset Including Installation $150.00


If you have any questions please contact us.

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